Why Has the REIQ Chosen Smoke Alarm Solutions as a Partner?

AntoniaThe new smoke alarm legislation specifies that all Queensland properties being leased or sold will be required to have interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms in all bedrooms, in hallways that connect bedrooms with the rest of the dwelling, and on every level. Here Antonia Mercorella, CEO of the REIQ, outlines why the REIQ supports the new Queensland smoke alarm legislation:

The REIQ has had a long-standing relationship with Smoke Alarm Solutions that has lasted over 5 years. The REIQ supports the new smoke alarm legislation because it saves lives.

Smoke Alarm Solutions is the industry leader in Queensland. When it comes to smoke alarms, it is incredibly important that property managers and owners are using a reputable supplier. We have heard some stories of cheap smoke alarms being used, and when it comes to the issue of fire safety, you just can't afford to get it wrong. It is incredibly important that you are meeting the new legislative requirements and you are using a reputable supplier to achieve this.

To meet the new legislation deadline of 1 January 2022, it's critical that the REIQ and the industry leader, Smoke Alarm Solutions, work together to ensure we meet this important deadline. There are a massive number of properties that are yet to comply with the legislation and that's concerning because time is ticking so quickly.

All property managers and owners must act quickly. What we don't want to see is this deadline approaching and see so many homes that are still not compliant. We know already that there is a shortage of electricians in Queensland, so these final years are critically important for all of us.

Queensland has one of the highest rental populations in the country. To give some perspective on what a mammoth task this is, there are approximately 566,000 rental properties in Queensland. Although it is a big task, it is incredibly important that we act. The reason why is simple - when we switch on the television and we hear stories of people dying in fire-related incidents, it is heartbreaking. These are people’s lives we are talking about – we must take action and do something about this situation.

Since the announcement about these reforms, we've been very busy. We've been engaged in many initiatives aimed at educating the real estate sector and the community at large about these new legislative requirements. Some of these initiatives have included face-to-face training, participating in government hosted forums, a 2019 state-wide roadshow, the establishment of a landlord communication pack, and of course using REIQ and media communication channels to deliver educational messages. An enormous amount of work has gone into education, but the work is not yet complete. In this final phase it will be important to continue to ensure that every property manager and owner in Queensland is aware of their legislative obligations.