Defining What is a Bedroom?

As there is no universal classification for a bedroom, there is confusion across the market about what defines a standard bedroom due to the various layouts of homes across Queensland. Building Code of Australia (BCA), and Queensland Fire and Emergency Services don’t have a common definition of what constitutes a bedroom.

To ensure consistency and the highest level of safety for smoke alarm compliance, we have defined a standard bedroom to confirm the ‘bedroom count’ of homes. This dictates the process for quoting upgrades and therefore confirming compliance. 

This definition can be found on the following pages on our website;

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What Are the Differences from Our Definition to the BCA?

The BCA has provided us with guidelines of what should be considered a bedroom such as natural light, however, we have created our own definition of a standard bedroom that is built from the BCA but is not identical. For example, although the BCA states a habitable room must be 2.4m high, the legal height of a bedroom is disregarded as tenant safety is paramount. This has meant that may state the property has two bedrooms however, Smoke Alarm Solutions may install additional alarms in the rooms where the legal height is not met for tenant safety.

Bedrooms Included in Count

We DO count the following spaces as a bedroom. A bedroom is a habitable room that:

  • is enclosed by a door, and
  • has a window or skylight, and
  • has walls that meet the ceiling, and
  • has a built in wardrobe, where the property has built-in wardrobes

We will quote and comply based on a SAS standard bedroom only. Bedroom Counted

Bedrooms Not Included Count

We DO NOT count the following spaces as a bedroom even if it is being used as a bedroom:

  • a garage
  • a room that is not enclosed by a door
  • a room with no window or skylight
  • a room where the walls do not meet the ceiling

Bedroom Not Counted

Important Things to Keep in Mind:

  • We will no longer include potential bedrooms in the bedroom count. We will quote for standard bedrooms only.
  • There are some properties where tenants do not use every bedroom as a bedroom, but if it meets our definition the room will still be included in the bedroom count.
  • Tenants use is important when considering tenant safety. If a room that doesn’t fall within our standard bedroom definition is being used as a bedroom, clients are made aware and recommended to install an alarm for tenant safety.
  • We are not building surveyors.

Bedroom Count Examples:

If the property has built-in wardrobes.

Watch ...

Property has no built-in wardrobes (Queenslander with tenants)

Watch ...

If the property has no built-in wardrobes & is vacant

Watch ...

Study used as a bedroom not in bedroom count.

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What To Do If You Would Like Additional Alarms?

If you would like additional alarms added for safety, just let us know. This is mentioned on our onsite quote and landlord authority (see below).

Addtional Bedroom Request