The PAW-FECT Partnership

Smoke Alarm Solutions’ investment in the local Queensland community now includes Precious Paws Animal Rescue.

The registered, not-for-profit charity has saved the lives of hundreds of pound pooches and ‘at risk’ dogs so they receive a second chance at life.

Based in South East Queensland, Precious Paws Animal Rescue is slowly reversing a nationwide trend which has seen 250,000 dogs euthanised in Australian pounds in the past year.

Smoke Alarm Solutions CEO Cameron Davis said the partnership reflects the interests and values of the entire workforce.

“We employ 220 staff nationally, including 180 electricians, technicians and call centre staff in Queensland,” Mr Davis said.

“The staff loves animals, particularly man’s-best-friend. It’s an honour to support Precious Paws Animal Rescue and the amazing work they do.

“Smoke Alarm Solutions deliberately invests in local people and the principles they support. Helping Precious Paws Animal Rescue care, feed, home and love at risk dogs was a simple decision.

“It was also another way for Smoke Alarm Solutions to reaffirm our long-term commitment to the South East Queensland community.

“We’re here for the long haul. That’s why we support local charities and local jobs.”

Precious Paws Animal Rescue is run by an army of 224 volunteers with 150 foster carers scattered throughout South East Queensland who care for neglected and forgotten dogs in their family homes.

As a not-for-profit unfunded charity, Precious Paws Animal Rescue relies heavily on supporters and donations to rescue neglected and at-risk dogs. To donate or volunteer, please visit

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