The Importance of Smoke Alarm Maintenance Services for Rental Properties

Smoke alarm maintenance is an important part of Decibal Testingproperty management as it protects tenants and properties. Rental properties must be fitted with working smoke alarms that are in accordance with the Building Code of Australia part 3.7.2 and meet Australian Standard 3786. Additionally, sometimes smoke alarms require electrical work undertaken by a certified electrician. Because of these reasons, it is important to have a professional smoke alarm servicing company regularly attending the property. Not only to make the property compliant, but to safeguard tenants against house fires.

During inspections, our technicians carry out maintenance that ensures the smoke alarms are in working order but also reduces the risk of alarms falsely activating. Below are the key actions our technicians take when servicing alarms.

Testing the Alarms

During the testing stage the technician will push the test button to see if the alarm sounds. Not only is this test to ensure that the alarm will sound, but also to ensure that the audible output of the alarm is no less than the 85dba it was manufactured to operate at. If an alarm does not sound to this level, or does not sound at all, it is likely to be faulty and must be replaced.

Where smoke alarms are interconnected, the technician must press the test button on each alarm to ensure that when one sounds then the rest of the alarms sound as well. If all alarms are not sounding together then there is a fault in the interconnection loop that must be fixed.

Check the Power Supply

Our technicians also check alarms to see if they have sufficient power. There are three different power supply options for smoke alarms:

  • 9-volt battery: These batteries deplete in charge over time and must be replaced regularly. If the battery has less than a 90% charge, then our technicians will replace it.
  • 10-year battery: These batteries are designed to last 10 years, which is the lifetime of a smoke alarm. Our technicians will check the expiry date on the battery, if possible, and replace the alarm if expired.
  • 240-volt Hardwired: These alarms are hardwired into the property’s mains power. They have an LED indicator to ensure mains power is being received by the smoke alarm. They also, by law, have to have a battery backup in the event of a power failure, and this backup can be in the form of a 9-volt battery, which requires replacement, or a rechargeable lithium battery.

Clean the Alarms

Making sure alarms are cleaned is another important step to the maintenance process. Dust and bugs tend to build up inside alarms which can interfere with the smoke sensor and cause an alarm to malfunction. Our technicians will thoroughly clean the alarm according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Replace Expired Alarms

All smoke alarms expire 10 years after the date of manufacture. Our technicians will check the expiry dates on the alarms and replace any that are due to expire.

Where possible, our technicians will replace alarms on a ‘like for like basis’. This is particularly important for interconnected alarms. Many interconnected alarms require the same brand and model for the interconnection loop to be functional.

Check Alarms Comply to State Legislation

Each state has differing requirements for smoke alarms in regards to: the type of alarm used, positioning of alarms on the ceiling or walls, and the number of alarms required. Our technicians are experts in legislation and will make sure each requirement is met.

After the service has been completed, we will issue you with an official compliance report that certifies the smoke alarm system at your property.

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