The Christmas Decoration Fire Hazard You Need to Know About

Christmas Lights

With the festive season upon us this is a timely reminder to check if your Christmas decorations are fire safe. Fairy lights are a common decoration used around the home and on Christmas trees but are often a main culprit behind house fires in December. Below, we list our top tips to ensure your fairy lights don’t become a fire hazard this Christmas.

Check if Your Lights Comply to the Australian Standard

Fairy lights that are purchased from cheap overseas sellers often do not comply to the same electrical safety standards that lights sold in Australia do. These types of lights are more likely to cause fires. Make sure to read the label on your fairy lights as this will explicitly tell you if they comply to the Australian Standard.

Don’t Use Old Fairy Lights

Although you may be tempted to use the same fairy lights year in and year out this can be very dangerous. It’s important to check your fairy lights for wear and tear before hanging them up and plugging them in. Worn plugs, missing light globes, and frayed cords can cause electrical faults that can start house fires. Don’t risk it and purchase a new set if your fairy lights look a little worse for wear.

Keep Away from Flammable Materials

Fairy lights often heat up when left on for long periods of time so it is best to keep them away from flammable materials such as wrapping paper and curtains. Christmas trees are also classed as a flammable material, so it is important to keep them under strict supervision and make sure the lights do not become too hot when on the tree. If you have a natural tree, remove the lights as soon as you see signs of drying leaves. Another option is to use LED battery-operated lights as they don’t use as much power or run as hot as other types of fairy lights.

Switch Off Lights

This one may seem simple, but it’s easy to forget. Unattended fairy lights are a recipe for disaster so make sure you are switching them off before you go to bed and before you leave the house.

Make Sure Your Smoke Alarms Are in Working Order

The best investment families and landlords can make this Christmas is up-to-date, working smoke alarms. In case a fire emergency does happen, ensure your smoke alarms are in working order. Test your alarms regularly and ensure there are enough of them placed throughout your home.

If you smoke alarms are in need of a service, you can read more about Smoke Alarm Solutions’ service packages here.