Smoke Alarm Servicing During the Time of COVID-19

Victorian Update
August 5, 2020

The Victorian Government has confirmed that Smoke Alarm Solutions is eligible for an exemption to any business restrictions during the stage 4 lockdown. We will continue to operate during this time.

Staff and management are well versed in our COVID-19 safety plan and the appropriate procedures have been put in place in case of an exposure.

All of our electricians and technicians have been provided Permitted Worker Permits which they will carry with them at all times.

As has been the case since the beginning of this public health emergency, we have implemented a company-wide level of heightened safety precautions via our strict COVID-19 action plan, as stated below.

Current Victorian restriction levels are as follows:

  • From 6pm on August 2, 2020, stage 4 restrictions are in place across metropolitan Melbourne.
  • From 11:59pm on August 2, 2020, the use of face coverings is mandatory throughout Victoria.
  • From 11:59pm on August 2, 2020, stage 3 restrictions apply throughout regional Victoria.

We are here to help - Finding the right balance

With further restrictions being enforced in Victoria, it is a timely reminder that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is likely to continue impacting all of our daily lives for the next six months or more.

Even if not directly affected by strict isolation requirements, the ongoing need to practice social distancing remains in place for all Australians for the foreseeable future. 

We are finding some tenants are confused as to whether they should allow our technicians access to their properties for us to complete our scheduled inspections. This is causing a high volume of appointments needing to be rescheduled. The team at Smoke Alarm Solutions appreciate and understand tenants have concerns in allowing contractors into their home during this time. We are also extremely mindful that more of us are opting to stay at home, therefore the importance of ensuring functioning smoke alarms in every rental property is more important than ever.

Smoke alarm maintenance remains a vital service for Australians and the current Government restrictions do not prevent our technicians entering homes to ensure smoke alarms are working. 

Even amid the pandemic, essential safety services such as smoke alarm compliance still need to occur, as a duty of care remains to ensure tenanted properties are safe for habitation and to fulfil legislative requirements. Please be assured we are continuing to provide our essential service to ensure ongoing safety of properties through this time.

With the current rate of inspections being rescheduled, we have had to extend our ‘reinspection’ window. Please work with us to try to avoid any delay in smoke alarm inspections, maintenance and compliance.

Minimising COVID-19 Risk for Tenants with Personal Protective Equipment

Smoke Alarm Solutions has implemented new process and procedure to ensure the safety of our staff, clients and tenants.

  • Smoke Alarm Solutions’ technicians are equipped with additional personal protective equipment including disposable gloves, masks and coveralls (by request). 
  • Smoke Alarm Solutions’ technicians adhere to strict social distancing requirements at all times.
  • Before entering a property, the technicians qualify if anyone in the property has tested positive to the coronavirus or is on enforced quarantine. If there is any risk the smoke alarm inspection will be postponed.
  • Minimising the amount of time spent within the property to lower exposure to risk.
  • As is always the case, any Smoke Alarm Solutions’ technician that is unwell does not attend work and requires a doctor’s assessment prior to returning to work.

What to do if a Tenant refuses entry Queensland & South Australia

We have had some agents query what to do if tenants refuse entry for smoke alarm maintenance. If a tenant refuses entry for smoke alarm testing, the Property Manager needs to obtain in writing the reason for refusal, which is then passed onto the landlord so they can raise this with their insurance for further advice.

To assist in communicating this advice, we have developed two templates for property managers to use during this time. If you would like a copy of these resources, please CLICK HERE to email us a request.

To ensure tenants feel comfortable with allowing us to complete our work we have also initiated the following additional measures:

  • All tenants will be contacted via SMS the day prior to booked inspections.
  • Added communications to our entry notices asking tenants to notify us as soon as possible if they do not want us to attend.

What Can Property Managers Do to Help?

Keeping an open line of communication and supporting each other in this constantly changing environment is so important during this time. Clients are encouraged to:

  • Alert us of known cases of COVID-19. Continue to keep us aware of any unfolding COVID-19 situations including tenants in self-isolation.
  • Alert us of changes to inspection procedures. If your agency wishes to change inspection procedures or temporarily close during this period, please make us aware and we will work with you on the best way to provide our services.
  • Contact us via email with questions or conerns. 
  • We strongly encourage you to take action and speak with your tenants in advance to ensure they understand their responsibilities.

If you have any further questions about these COVID-19 procedures, you can contact us here.


Smoke Alarm Solutions is Australia's leading provider of smoke alarm services to the real estate industry.

Smoke Alarm Solutions is Australia's leading provider of smoke alarm services to the real estate industry.
  • A very responsive team and good follow up with our tenants in arranging inspections. We purchased rent rolls from other agencies and the transition of the smoke alarm services from the previous agencies to us is easy and seamless! We are confident with the teams’ services and would not hesitate to recommend to anyone!

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  • As a Principal of a Real Estate agency, we are always diligent to ensure that the agency and our properties meet all current legislation and compliance. After using several different companies for Smoke Alarm compliance over the years, none compare to the professionalism of Smoke Alarm Solutions.

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  • As a Property Manager, I've found Lisa (Business Development Manager) to be an asset to the company, and of great assistance to us. She has regularly kept in contact, and never too busy to find the answers to our questions. The service team have attended when requested and the compliance reports sent through promptly. We look forward to our continued collaboration.

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  • All Smoke Alarm Solutions staff are well versed in the current and new upcoming legislation and are always helpful and professional from the administration team to the technicians attending on site. Respectful of our tenants and the property, the technicians are fantastic. The invoices and quotes are easy for our Landlords to read and understand.
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  • We returned to Smoke Alarm Solutions after using a smaller company, we were tired of our calls not being returned and waiting for invoices. When we transferred back nothing was a hassle and Brendan went out of his way to make our job as Property Managers easier. Our tenants and Landlords have peace of mind with the 24/7 emergency service and now receive invoices within 24 hours of the job being carried out.

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  • Ironfish have been working with Smoke Alarm Solutions for a number of years now, and we found them to be professional and on top of the legislations. Bonnie Hutchison, in particular has been wonderful to deal with. A true star for their company!

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  • Smoke Alarm Solutions even offered a free information training session to help to further educate our property management staff. The new online portal is an absolute dream for us busy professionals and is just another reason why we cannot recommend Smoke Alarm Solutions enough.

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  • Thank you for all the assistance you provide our team. You and your team are always, experienced, prompt and helpful with everything we ask.
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  • There are a lot of other companies out there that will dazzle you with their selling skills, promise you the world and may even offer cheaper rates but after taking over a rent roll of hundreds to find that owners were being charged by another company but not one property was actually visited or met the required criteria, we just wouldn’t risk giving our business to anyone but Smoke Alarm Solutions. Professional, ethical and by far the best smoke alarm specialist around!
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