Smoke Alarm Servicing During a Disaster


In light of recent severe flooding in SEQ, we have cancelled inspections in affected regions and will reschedule these bookings once safe to do so.

Industry Resources

Disaster Information - Smoke alarm maintenance remains a vital service for Australians.

As always, communication is key in a crisis. We want to ensure we are doing everything we can for our clients to keep you updated and demonstrate how we are managing these constantly evolving situations.
Safety is paramount - Finding the right balance

We are here to help you and your staff navigate these challenging environments. Even amid the disaster, essential safety services such as smoke alarm compliance still need to occur, as a duty of care remains to ensure tenanted properties are safe for habitation and to fulfil legislative requirements. 

Tenants Information

Smoke alarms can be impacted by floods due to power shortages and high humidity levels. Where suitable and if no danger is present, please click here for information on how to silence alarms.

Agency Information

Keeping an open line of communication and supporting each other in this constantly changing environment is so important during this time. Clients are encouraged to:

  • Alert us of known information relating to the properties we service. Continue to keep us aware of any unfolding situations.
  • Alert us of changes to inspection procedures. If your agency wishes to change inspection procedures or temporarily close during these times, please make us aware and we will work with you on the best way to provide our services.
  • Contact us via email with questions or concerns. 
  • We strongly encourage you to take action and speak with your tenants in advance to ensure they understand their responsibilities.

If you have any further questions about our procedures during a crisis, you can contact us at