How do I stop a smoke alarm from continually chirping/beeping?

Sometimes it can take a while for the alarm to reset itself after the hush button has been pressed, which can cause beeping. If you are still having issues with your alarm, please contact your agency and inform them of this issue and they will arrange for Smoke Alarm Solutions to service the property. If your issue has occurred after hours you may be able to find some information by identifying the brand of your alarm and following instructions listed below in the relevant manual.

Current AS3786-2014 Smoke Alarm User Manuals

9v PE Quell Q301 
10yr PE Quell Q1400
10yr PE Brooks EiB605TYCRF
240v PE PSA LIF5800/2
240v PE Quell Q1300
240v PE Brooks EiB146RC 
240v PE Clipsal 755PSMA4
240v PE Clipsal 755RLPSMA4