Resources Available to Educate Your Landlords on Smoke Alarm Compliance

MarykeMaryke Olivier is a Business Development Manager at Smoke Alarm Solutions. Here she talks through the ways in which she supports property managers:

Smoke Alarm Solutions support property managers by providing a range of tools that assist with communication about the pending 2022 smoke alarm legislation.

  1. Legislation Email Template

A comprehensive legislation email template is available that property managers can send straight through to landlords. The template contains helpful information as well as relevant attachments that support the information presented. This email is presented in a format that makes the content easy to read and not overwhelming. This template is receiving positive results and is just one of our tools that property managers have access to.

  1. Onsite Q&A Sessions

We offer onsite Q&A sessions with property management teams. These sessions are intended to answer any questions property managers may have, and to create an environment that encourages further discussion. The Q&A sessions ensure property managers are well informed and know all the facts about the pending 2022 smoke alarm legislation requirements.

  1. REIQ Legislation Breakfasts

The REIQ, who are proudly sponsored by Smoke Alarm Solutions, are great supporters of the legislation and help us with educating their property manager community. We speak at educational breakfasts that the REIQ host. Similar to the Q&A sessions, at these breakfasts we provide all the information to property managers about the 2022 smoke alarm legislation. This ensures that when property managers are having conversations with landlords about the legislation they are providing the correct information.

  1. Onsite Quoting

Onsite Quoting is very convenient for busy property managers. While our technicians are attending a property for an annual inspection, they will also inspect the property to see what upgrades need to be done to meet the legislation. This provides an accurate quote on the cost of the upgrade and also means that there is no need for a technician to reattend the property to provide a quote.

The quote is then delivered to the property manager, with an easy to use reference guide that outlines the cost of upgrading the property as well as a Landlord Authorisation Form which landlords can sign to authorise the property’s upgrade. This email can be forwarded straight onto the landlord – which helps streamline the upgrade process.  

  1. Social Media Videos

Our fantastic social media videos are short informational clips that distribute information in an easy way. Property managers can send these straight to their landlords, share on their social medias, or even post it on their own websites.

  1. Compliance Reports

We provide compliance reports that inform the landlord whether the property is compliant to current smoke alarm legislation as well as the new 2022 legislation. This helps landlords easily understand the differences between the current and new legislation.

  1. 24/7 Emergency Service

The 24/7 emergency service is a beneficial service for property managers and tenants. When an alarm sounds after hours, whether it be on the weekend or 3am on Christmas morning, we will have a technician available to answer the phone call. If the technician is unable to assist in disarming the alarm over the phone, then a technician will attend the property immediately to replace the alarm. It really is a fantastic service and is available on Platinum and Ultimate subscription packages.

  1. Solutions Portal

The Solutions Portal is our latest development that offers the opportunity to view an entire property portfolio’s smoke alarm compliance status in a single view. All the information provided is in real-time and can be accessed 24/7. Portal features also include printing invoices, downloading compliance statements, updating tenant details, and enrolling a property. All of these features can be accessed in just a few clicks.

At Smoke Alarm Solutions we provide all the support property managers need to ensure their whole portfolios are managed stress-free and, most importantly, have compliant smoke alarms.