Record number of homes testing positive for methamphetamine

70% of Queensland properties test positive

Smoke Alarm Solutions’ partnership with Meth Screen has discovered how prevalent ice and methamphetamine residue is in Queensland homes.

Since January, more than 342 homes have been screened and 1,547 samples analysed with 70 per cent of Queensland properties testing positive to methamphetamine residue.

Smoke Alarm Solutions screen properties for residual methamphetamine contaminants, absorbed by floorings, walls, ducting and any furnishings or fixtures and discovered Redland, Logan, Yarrabilba and the Sunshine Coast are Queensland’s methamphetamine contamination capitals.

Smoke Alarm Solutions CEO Cameron Davis said astute Queenslanders are screening their homes and investment properties for methamphetamine residue.

“It’s impossible to know what goes on behind closed doors or how a property was being used before you and your family moved in,” Mr Davis said.

“Methamphetamine residue is colourless and odourless. Without physical evidence it’s virtually impossible to determine if drugs were cooked or smoked in a property.

“Methamphetamine residue also takes decades to break down. It’s vital your property is screened so your family, friends or tenants are protected.”

Smoke Alarm Solutions’ detailed testing procedures start with an informal interview, allowing the home owner or tenant to reveal their history in the property, their suspicions and health issues and the number of occupants, including children and elderly residents who call the property home.

Next, Smoke Alarm Solutions trained technicians inspect the entire house and identify rooms and areas to test for traces of ice and meth residue. Templates are then positioned throughout the entire property with individually numbered samples taken and sealed in tamper-safe tubes.

The samples are then delivered to an independent laboratory who analyse the swabs to determine if the property harbours ice and methamphetamine residue.

Long term, prolonged exposure to methamphetamine residue increases the risk of damage to kidneys and liver and birth defects, while short-term health effects include headaches, nausea, burning skin, dizziness, breathing difficulty, sleeplessness and behavioural issues.

The introduction of specially trained technicians who screen for methamphetamine residue makes Smoke Alarm Solutions Queensland’s leading testing and compliance provider.


Base Composite Screening Now Available!

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*If more than 10 swabs are required to test a home, an additional swab kit will need to be purchased for $100.

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