Platinum Annual Smoke Alarm Service

The Platinum Annual Smoke Alarm Service covers unlimited smoke alarm inspections to your property within a year, as well as the free installation and replacement of smoke alarms required for compliance.

Whilst on site to inspect a property under this annual service, we will:
• Inspect, clean and maintain all existing smoke alarms.
• Replace any expired, faulty or damaged smoke alarms that are required for compliance.*
• Install additional alarms that are required for compliance.*
• Replace 9 volt batteries in smoke alarms, if required.
• Ensure decibel output of each smoke alarm reaches satisfactory level.
• Relocate incorrectly positioned 9 volt smoke alarms.
• Ensure smoke alarms have not passed their expiry date.
• Remove dirt and debris from smoke alarms with compressed air.
• Check all alarms meet Australian Standards.
• Check connections on 240 volt hard-wired smoke alarms for sufficient power supply.

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