The Facts for Property Managers, Home Owners and Landlords

Since 2009, every pool owner is responsible for ensuring their pool complies with the pool safety standard. A pool safety certificate, which certifies the pool barrier complies with pool safety standard, is required when selling or leasing a property.

Leasing a Property?

Before entering into a lease or other accommodation agreement, property owners must ensure a valid pool safety certificate is in effect. This means a pool safety certificate must be in effect before signing the agreement, regardless of when the tenant starts residing at the property

Selling a Property?

Before settlement, a seller must give the buyer a copy of the pool safety certificate, if one is in effect. If a pool safety certificate in not in effect before settlement, the seller must give the buyer a Form 36 with the settlement date listed. The buyer then has 90 days from settlement to obtain a pool safety certificate.


Pool safety certificates for non-shared pools are valid for 2 years from date of issue and for shared pools, they are valid for 1 year from date of issue. Only a pool safety inspector licenced by QBCC can issue a pool safety certificate. If a pool safety inspector is not satisfied a pool is compliant, a ‘Form 26 – Pool safety non-conformity notice’ will be issued – with details of the work needed to be make it comply. Once this work is carried out, a pool barrier re-inspection is required. 

Pool Service Locations

 Pool Safety Inspection cost: $180*

*Please note, this service is available in South East Queensland and now the greater Cairns, Townsville and Mackay regions.

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