Platinum Annual Smoke Alarm Service

The Platinum $99 Annual Smoke Alarm Service covers unlimited smoke alarm inspections to your property within a year, as well as the free installation and replacement of smoke alarms required for compliance.

Under this service, we will:

✔ Carry-out unlimited smoke alarm compliance inspections to ensure smoke alarms are compliant with current legislation, including re-attendance when beeping or faulty alarms require attention

✔ Service, clean and maintain all smoke alarms and change 9 volt batteries where required

✔ Ensure all smoke alarms meet AS 3786 

✔ Replace any faulty, expired, missing or damaged 9 volt, 240 volt or 10 year lithium-battery operated smoke alarms if required by legislation

✔ Install any additional 9 volt, 240 volt or 10 year lithium-battery operated smoke alarms in order for property to comply with current legislation

✔ Send a compliance report following each inspection 

Smoke alarms will only be replaced or installed for free under this annual service if they are required for compliance.

^In Queensland, this annual service complies a property with the specifications set out in the Fire and Rescue Services Amendment Act 2006. QLD properties built prior to 2017, which do not require a building application due to renovations, can be enrolled in this
annual service.

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