Onsite Quoting for Your Landlords - Making 2022 Upgrades Easier

Compliance to the new smoke alarm legislation is required of all Queensland rental properties from 1 January 2022. These new legislative requirements are there to ensure a higher level of safety and protection against house fires. However, the legislation is complex and there is a lot of confusion around what is actually required of landlords. On average 34% of properties we have serviced, this financial year, that have attempted to upgrade to new legislation using a different smoke alarm installer have failed to comply.

To help clear this confusion, Smoke Alarm Solutions has developed a new onsite quoting system that educates landlords on what smoke alarms their properties need and how much it will cost them. This system has been well received by Property Managers across Queensland as 2022 upgrade quotes are streamlined and tailored to each individual property. We have heard great feedback that our onsite quoting has kept landlords informed and ensured their investment properties are compliant prior to the 2022 deadline.

How it Works

Technicians will undertake onsite quoting during their routine lease renewal or annual property inspection. After our technician completes their inspection of the alarms currently installed, they will complete an inspection of the property to determine what works need to be done to make the property compliant to 2022 legislation. This eliminates the requirement for an entirely separate inspection to get a quote for the new legislation.

Where to Find It

The onsite quote will be automatically supplied via email with the current Compliance Report. Simply open the Landlord Authorisation form and look for the below sample box to find the pricing.

Small Onsite Quoting Box

This form will show your landlords how much it will cost to install either PSA or Brooks smoke alarms. This quote is at a fixed cost, includes GST, and will expire in 30 days from date of issue. If your landlord elects to take advantage of this fixed quotation and wants to complete the upgrade, then just indicate the preference of PSA or Brooks smoke alarms by ticking the relevant box, fill in any blank property details, sign the bottom of the form, return it to Smoke Alarm Solutions, and we will get to work immediately to ensure your landlord gets to take advantage of this fixed price quotation.

Highlighted Landlord Authorisation Form