Onsite Quotes for New Queensland Smoke Alarm Legislation

Signed Sample of Landlord Authorisation EDMOur technicians will provide onsite quotes when attending your property for a smoke alarm inspection or lease renewal. We can now provide a fixed price quote for all installation work to ensure your smoke alarms comply with 2022 new legislation. This will be provided automatically via email with your Compliance Report.

The new onsite quote includes the following property information:

  • Number of bedrooms at the property
  • Number of alarms required to comply to 2022
  • Quote to install Emerald Alarms and Emerald Controller

To book your installation, all you have to do is sign the authorisation section at the bottom of the form, return to info@smokealarmsolutions.com.au and we take care of the rest.

Click on the image or link to see a sample of the new onsite quote.