Once Off Inspections
Smoke alarm legislation made easy

Your responsibilities

Smoke alarm maintenance is governed by both  State and Federal legislation. Each state of Australia has different requirements. In all cases, a person who does not comply with this legislation is guilty of an offence.

Failure to take every practical step to ensure the safety of your tenants and property may result in the dismissal of insurance claims for damage, personal injury or worse… loss of life.

The legislation requires you as the landlord, to have working smoke alarms installed in accordance with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and Australian Standards, which are regularly maintained and replaced when necessary (faulty or expired). Failure to comply may result in a penalty of up to $750.

More than 200,000 Australian landlords entrust their smoke alarm compliance to us knowing that all smoke alarm responsibilities have been attended to.

Our service

We will attend your property to inspect, clean and maintain all existing smoke alarms. We will change batteries, test decibel output, relocate 9 volt smoke alarms if required and ensure alarms have not passed their expiry date. We will also clean alarms, check they meet Australian Standards and remove alarms to check connections and power supply.

You can enjoy total peace of mind for our once off inspection fee (fully tax deductible for rental properties). This low fee covers the cost to service, test and clean all smoke alarms at your property, regardless of how many alarms are installed at the property.

Inspection and compliance reporting

After attendance at your property, we will issue a detailed Compliance Statement to you or your property manager. This report is proof that you fully meet your responsibilities and is extremely important in the event of damage, injury or loss of life in a fire.

Your solution

A Once Off Inspection is designed to protect you from litigation and penalties and to increase the safety of your tenants. We will ensure you fully meet your legislated responsibilities in regard to smoke alarms.