Form Professional Partnerships to be Surrounded By Industry Experts

Rental Results is a Property Management specific business, managing over 500 properties within 15 kilometres of the Brisbane CBD. Lauren Robinson is the owner and director of Rental Results and talks about the reasons she started her business, and one of those reasons was driven by customer service. 

Her team is focused on customer satisfaction. One of the core values is 'service beyond expectations'. With a customer service journey mapped out, every step taken by the business focuses on the best service for both tenants and landlords.

When Rental Results first opened their doors, they were looking to partner with industry experts to support their clients. Partnering with Smoke Alarm Solutions was an easy choice as they are the experts in the industry.

Keeping up-to-date with legislation is essential for Rental Results, especially surrounding the significant changes taking place in the smoke alarm industry in 2022. It is also important that the legislation is understood so the information conveyed to property owners about requirements is accurate. Rental Results appreciate regular visits from a dedicated Smoke Alarm Solutions Account Manager who delivers training and a high level of service, which Rental Results have grown accustomed to.

High importance is placed on partnering with companies that are professional and have a comparable work ethic and attitude. Training is essential to be able to deliver the high level of service offered by Rental Results. Training is conducted every two weeks, whether that's with external providers such as builders or trades, or in-house training with termite inspectors or Smoke Alarm Solutions, or any other industry professional.

With the changes in the Smoke Alarm legislation, all landlords must be compliant from 2022. Rental Results have taken steps to inform landlords of the action required to ensure their properties are compliant such as:

  • Reminders sent to owners after inspections
  • Quotes are sourced
  • Information is provided on what is required to stay compliant
  • Quotes provided to landlords with the required expenses they will incur

Since 2013, Rental Results has grown considerably. Currently managing 600 properties, the goal is to continue to grow, restructure, and manage 1,000 properties in the future. The longevity of the dedicated staff has been attributed to this success.

The advice Lauren would give to anybody wanting to start a real estate business is:

  • be persistent and focus on customer service
  • have professional partnerships in relevant industries so you are surrounded by industry experts such as Smoke Alarm Solutions
  • network with people in the industry and support each other

Lauren's property management business is about delivering a high level of service to our clients, and partnering with Smoke Alarm Solutions helps her achieve this high level of professional service.