Australian Capital Territory Legislation

State Legislation
An Australia Capital Territory (ACT) specific amendment to the BCA states that properties built post September 1994, require hard-wired smoke alarms to be installed. *Pre September 1994 properties. If your property is built prior to September 1994, we will install or replace 9 volt smoke alarms in locations as detailed in the latest Building Code of Australia - in order to protect your property and ensure occupants’ safety.

Smoke alarm maintenance is governed by both State and Federal legislation and any person who does not comply with the relevant legislation is guilty of an offence.

Landlords who fail to take every practical step to ensure the safety of their tenants can face a multitude of unpleasant and unwanted consequences that, with the right guidance, can be easily avoided. As a Property Manager, Landlords entrust you with one of their greatest investments, which is a sizeable responsibility to shoulder. Here at Smoke Alarm Solutions, we aim to ease the burden in ensuring that your properties are compliant. Simply and efficiently.

Federal Legislation
Landlords must ensure that their rental property is properly fitted with the required number of working smoke alarms, complying with the Australian Standard (3786:2014), and that they are installed as outlined in the Building Code of Australia (BCA) part This legislation is applicable to all states of Australia.