Landlord & Homeowner FAQs

Can I enrol my property over the phone?

Due to unprecedent demand regarding the 2022 legislation, landlords can enrol a property via the online enrolment process only. We've built an easy instant self-quoting tool here to support landlords through the process, and ensures we capture all the appropriate details to be able to action the work. This link provides a quote that is automatically sent to your email when you press the 'calculate enrolment’ button and booking can be done via this same link.

Am I legally required to have a professional company manage the compliance of my smoke alarms?

No, but you are legally required to ensure smoke alarms are functioning correctly at the commencement of each and every tenancy. To do this, the expiry dates and battery levels need to be checked and smoke alarms need to be replaced or installed if missing, damaged, faulty or expired. Locations, Australian Standards and audible output also need to be correct in order for alarms to meet current requirements. Smoke alarm compliance involves a complex set of requirements, which is why many landlords opt for a professional company to carry out this work.

When will I receive my compliance following your attendance?

We provide a Compliance Report detailing all smoke alarms at the property, their expiry date, type and position once the smoke alarm service has been completed.

How long after booking a job will it take for the property to be compliant?

After one of our highly trained technicians have been allocated a time to visit your property, an entry notice is sent, along with a text message, to the tenants in advance of the smoke alarm inspection. A copy of the entry notice is also emailed to the Property Manager. If you prefer, we can contact the tenants directly to arrange an inspection time.

Do you offer a Once-off compliance inspection?

Yes, we offer once off services. To request this inspection option, please fill out the property enrolment form and select from the “once off” service options.

How many smoke alarms do I need in my property?

We cannot give an exact number without attending your property, as it is dependent on number and type of rooms in your property. Additionally, the laws vary from state to state. Please feel free to refer to your state requirements here.

Do you sell smoke alarms?

We are not a retailer or manufacturer and do not sell alarm units. We are an installer, maintenance and smoke alarm system compliance company and only provide this wholistic service.

Will you send an electrician or technician to my property?

We use a combination of electricians and technicians depending on the type of alarms that are to be installed or replaced. Electricians are required for installing hardwired alarms and all of our technicians are comprehensively trained to install the wireless interconnected alarms.

My property is on a strata plan – aren’t I already covered?

Strata Managers are charged with the responsibility at a council level to make buildings compliant to local fire and safety regulations. This does not mean the individual units or townhouse within the building are compliant to the state legislation. Some elements of the legislation which strata potentially missed include:

  • The correct quantity, quality and positioning of smoke alarms are installed (Refer to Building code of Australia)
  • The alarms are not expired (Refer to Australian Standards 3786)
  • Full function tests are completed, not just a battery test
  • Alarms are not cleaned, increasing the risk of a beeping alarm

Strata companies do not issue individual certificates of compliance, as they generally only conduct maintenance every 12 months, and most will not come back during the year to deal with individual problems, or changes of tenancy if the property is tenanted.

Does my insurance company have to upgrade my alarms if the home is flood damaged?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer insurance or legal advice as we are not a government organisation or a building certifier. For this question it may be best to ask the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services directly. You can email QFES directly at

How often do alarms need to be tested?

The laws vary state to state. Please feel free to refer to your state requirements here.

Do you service commercial properties?

Unfortunately, our services do not cover commercial buildings or ‘1b dwellings’. We provide smoke alarm compliance and maintenance services for Class 1a or Class 2 (sole occupancy) residential properties only. If you own or manage a commercial property, we recommend you speak to QFES or a commercial  smoke alarm provider.