Keeping Landlords Informed in Under 5 Minutes

Julieanne SmithJulieanne Smith is the Sales and Marketing Director for Smoke Alarm Solutions. Here, she’s talking about the legislative changes coming into force in 2022 and how property managers can educate landlords and encourage early take-up so that the industry misses the rush:

There are some key things that property managers need to understand about the legislation. The best way to understand them is to take advantage of the many tools we make available.

There are the REIQ breakfasts, the breakfasts we put on for property managers, and information sessions that the team can conduct in your office (and can also do with your landlords). There’s nothing worse than to be a property manager and have a landlord call and ask you questions to which you have no answers.

We can provide you with lots of soft material as well. You can find this information on our website. We have FAQs, fact sheets and a whole range of short social media videos that you can snapshot, show your team and then send on to the landlords. In the case of landlords, we’ve made it easier than ever for them to understand what payment options are available to them through us. There are online payments or pay as you go and can be over 12 or 24 months. Some landlords will still want to use the trust account system and thats fine but you might also prefer they pay us directly, which can sometimes be more convenient for your office.

There’s also a range of things you can do as a property manager. When you send out your statements, for instance, we have information that you can enclose in a really simple version - both online links and hard material. Likewise with your newsletter.

In essence, there are two key factors property managers need to remember with 2022 coming. One, educate yourself and your own team and we can help you with that. Two, use our online materials - the interactive quoting tools and links on our emails that you can imbed with your own emails and send them on to your rent rolls.

The best way for us to do this together is to get on the front foot and start now.