How to Upgrade and Stay Informed During the Installation Process

Smoke Alarm Solutions has a comprehensive legislation brochure which Property Managers can make available or forward on to their landlords. This landlord brochure contains helpful information on the specific regulations that need to be met, as well as highlight the relevant support resources that we offer with our services.



QLD Landlord BrochureSmoke Alarm Solutions stocks three different smoke alarm brands to ensure landlords meet the 2022 QLD compliance. We offer Emerald Alarms brand for $119 each. 

Ways to enrol with SAS

As we are less than a year away from the commencement of the new smoke alarm legislation, here are the methods by which you can encourage your landlords to act now and to save money.

Get an Online Instant Quote

Depending on your home layout and bedroom count, the number of smoke alarms required will vary. If you're after an instant quote please CLICK HERE to visit our self-quoting and booking form.

Automatic Onsite Quotes

If a property is already enrolled in our service, we offer onsite quoting. While attending a property for an annual inspection, our technician will also inspect the property to see what needs to be done to meet the new legislation. This provides an accurate quote on the cost of the upgrade and property managers can easily forward this quote straight to their landlords to authorise.

Submit a Landlord Authority

To streamline the process of upgrading your properties to comply with the new Queensland legislation, you can access a Landlord Authority Form. We require this form to be completed prior to commencing the upgrade of your property to meet the new legislative requirements. This can authority form be found here.

Being Informed During the Installation Process - What to expect

Behind the scenes, there is a hub of activity and Queensland legislation to navigate. We take care of all of that for you. We offer a stress-free way to ensure your obligations as a Property Manager or Landlord are met.  You will not have to worry when you have your smoke alarms upgraded by the experts in the industry.

The installation has many logistical elements that need to be arranged. In fact, the work is similar to the tenant dealing with a Paid TV installer, who would need entry to connect wiring at a time that best suited the household.

There are a raft of scenarios that may apply to your tenant’s home - from picking up keys to securing the family pet. We take care of all of this for you.

The work will unfold in a three to six-week window, in communication with the tenant (and Property Manager where one is appointed).

As a Landlord, you will be kept informed of the installation progress so that you stay in the know.