A Checklist Before Hiring Your Electrician

Jake VorsterJake Vorster is the Technical Manager at Smoke Alarm Solutions:

We come across a lot of subpar work when we’re out servicing smoke alarms and that’s usually due to the installer. The best smoke alarm is only as good as the person who has installed it. These are a few things to keep in mind when looking for an installer.

Probably the most important is that you are using a licensed electrician if there is any electrical work to be done. The best thing to ask for is their electrical contractor license number. This shows they are a bona fide business and will have the appropriate insurance to carry out the work you require them to do.

Second, I would question the method of installation they are going to use. Are they going to hardwire the alarm, or are they going to use battery operated? If they are using a battery, are they a sealed ten year lithium-ion as dictated by legislation? If the alarms are photoelectric do they meet the Australian Standard (AS) 3786 2014. All these things are requirements to ensure you will comply with the new legislation.

Another thing we recommend is that, after installation, you get some kind of documentation. If the electrical work was completed you should receive a certificate of testing and safety. It might be in the form of an invoice but should detail the work that was done and will sign off on the electrical work done. If there wasn’t any electrical work (and it was a battery operated system) you’d want documentation saying that it complies with the new legislation, so that you can present that to your insurance company.

Lastly, we appreciate that these new alarms cost a bit of money and people sometimes like to source their own cheaper alternatives, but we do recommend getting your installer to source the alarms. It takes the stress out of trying to make sure you have the correct standard, type and quality of alarm. And a lot of the alarms they source come from reputable electrical wholesalers, which means the alarm would probably be of better quality.

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