Who We Are

Smoke Alarm Solutions is the largest provider of smoke alarm compliance and maintenance services to the Australian real estate industry and have been in operation since 2007. We supply, install and service smoke alarms in more than 262,000 Australian homes and have the largest field service capability in the industry, meaning that we can promptly respond to any job request. 

We provide a comprehensive risk-mitigation service in five Australian states and territories, which is aimed to ensure landlords adhere to their legislative responsibilities, property managers meet their duty of care and tenants are safe from the dangers of fire.

Our primary aim is to provide a cost-effective and user-friendly service that will remove the liability and stress surrounding such an imperative and intricate set of guidelines involved with smoke alarm compliance. 

Don't leave compliance up to chance. Ensure you deal with the experts. 

Please see the map below for areas in which we operate within Australian.

static sm map

Ensure your duty of care has been met and your tenants are safe

Smoke Alarm Solutions is Australia's leading provider
of smoke alarm services to the real estate industry.